Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Update from Brazil

Dear all,
We hope that you are all well. While you are finally exiting winter, the autumn here has begun with temperatures above 85oF, sun overhead, and occasional rainstorms. We are currently at the Pampulha Ward chapel so that we can use the internet. Yes, the password around the world for internet access at the church is indeed the same.
Our day starts with morning study. We then hit the road. We have a large list of members who are currently not active in the church or with unknown addresses to find and visit. As we are walking and taking buses, the heat and the hills make for a long grueling day. We are fortunate that the local members offer us lunch most days.
We had the opportunity to lead a discussion during the 3rd hour Sunday on the subject of members participating in the missionary and reactivation work. The Bishop gave a strong challenge to the ward to participate in a fast next week to seek inspiration to identify a specific individual to help. There is a 16 year old young man in the ward has been a great example to others in the ward.
The ward area is a mix of middle class and very poor. Yesterday, we search through both extremes. The people are generous and open, willing to share all that they have. We are humbled by their charity.
This Sunday will be General Conference. The sessions will be broadcast live, not starting until 1 and 6 PM. However, the Saturday Priesthood Priesthood meeting will be rebroadcast at 6 AM Sunday.
That's all for now,
Dad / Cliff

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