Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Greetings from Brasil (6/3/2014)

Dear Family,
We are happy to report that the work is going well here in Pampulha. Throughout the week, we meet numerous people and ask them to make commitments regarding the gospel. On Sunday, we always seem to hold our breath watching for investigators and less active members to come through the door. We have been blessed to see many members return to activity in the past three months.
Monday, we continued our visits to missionary apartments. We took a 1 hr + bus ride to the far end of our Stake to visit with missionaries in two different areas of Riberao das Neves. The missionaries welcome us while we check for items of cleanliness, health, and safety. Generally, they have all done well. These are very rural areas with limited paved roads. The church has built chapels in various parts of this area in anticipation of continued growth.
Flags and other decorations are beginning to appear as the World Cup nears. Optimism is beginning to overcome the pessimism associated with the various works projects and government priorities.
Stake Conference will be held here this weekend. There will be an regional broadcast from Salt Lake City with talks by General Authorities. The stake prepared high quality invitations for us to distribute this week.
That's all for now.

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