Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Greetings from Brasil 9/17/2014

Dear Family,
It has been another busy week for us here in Belo Horizonte. Our increased assignment in the stake has resulted in even more bus time for us. We are grateful when a member is able to give us a ride. It is like receiving a miracle of an additional 30-45 minutes. Sunday, we attended Executive Committee meeting and Sacrament Meeting in Venda Nova Ward, so we had to be out of the house by 7 AM. We had the opportunity to speak in Sacrament Meeting. Mom did a great job speaking about finding and serving the Lord’s lost sheep. Then a bus ride to Lagoa Ward for Priesthood and Relief Society Meetings. Gabriel, the young man that we met on the bus last week received the priesthood after being baptized Saturday evening. The rest of the day we spent teaching in Pampulha Ward with a home evening at the home of the Bishop with a family that we are teaching. The Bishop gave us a ride back to our apartment, so we were home soon after 10 PM. Sorry, senior couple missions do not have the same rules as the younger missionaries related to daily schedules. We like to think that the missionaries have to be back in their apartments at the designated time for their safety. For us, we need to go to sleep.
That’s all for today.



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