Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Greetings from Brasil 10/15/2014

Dear Family,
Greetings from Belo Horizonte at the end of another busy week. Now that the Sisters have been transferred out of Pampulha, our schedule is even fuller. We have been busy in all three wards this week. In Pampulha, we have already visited all of the members’ homes, so our efforts are focused on teaching. We have several investigators who are progressing, but still need to ask in prayer with real intent regarding the truthfulness of the message of the Restored Gospel and its associated blessings for families. In Lagoa, we are in the process of visiting all of the members (a multi-month process). This past week, we have blessed to meet several families who have been searching to return to full activity in the church. We pray that their prayers and their actions are aligned. As Venda Nova has the most spread out area, we use our time there to help the bishop on focalized efforts. For example, this week we participated in a family home evening in a distant and poorer area of the ward. We also participated in an activation evening for less active men in the ward to prepare them to receive the priesthood to bless their lives and the lives of their families. One of the speakers did not make it, so I had the chance to give a talk. Luckily, I brought along notes from some previous home evenings that I was able to use.
This week, we had a more practical preparation day. We made an early morning trip to the mission office downtown to pick up supplies and a box from Christian. It also gave us the opportunity to say farewell to some missionaries going homes and see a fresh crop of missionaries arrive.
Sunday was a holiday here in Brazil. It was the day of the patron saint of Brazil which is also Children’s Day. In the week leading up to Sunday, the schools had various fun activities and parties for the students. The stores are full of toys, candy, and even costumes. On Sunday, fireworks were going off all day and the various recreational clubs were pack with families. The schools are closed this week. The Primary organizations of the wards are planning activities for the children on Saturday.
That’s all for this week.


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