Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Greetings from Brasil 11/12/2014

Dear Family,
Greetings once again from Belo Horizonte. We hope that you are all well and happy.
The work here continues to go well for us. The advantage of serving in three wards is that we always have the opportunity to meet new people, each with their own reasons for searching for the gospel. Their sparks of testimony are fanned by the Holy Ghost after faith, study, and prayer. This past week, we were blessed to have many investigators, recent converts, and less-active members attending sacrament meeting. We continue to have two to three home evenings that provide opportunities for integration of those who are seeking and those who can demonstrate love for them.
This week, we also started our rounds of the missionary apartments in the Pampulha Stake. Starting out for the far end of the stake Monday morning, we were on the bus for almost 2 hours. Ironically, Elder Silveira, from the farthest branch, was transferred to Pampulha on Tuesday. His new companion, Elder Sorensen, just arrived from the States where he served on the Navajo reservation in Arizona for 10 months while waiting for his visa. Yes, Pampulha Ward again has missionaries; elders this time. The ward mission leader is striving to promote and support missionary work here.
For our Preparation Day, we searched for crèches downtown, only to be disappointed with those available. We will keep looking.
Tonight is the first of two soccer games to determine the champion of the Brasil Cup. The finalists are the two arch-rivals from Belo Horizonte, so the city is very excited. The second game to determine the champion will be held next week.
That’s all for now.


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