Friday, March 13, 2015

Greetings from Brazil 3/13/2015

Dear Family,
We sent our greetings and love from Belo Horizonte. We have reached the one year mark of our mission. The time has passed rapidly as we have had many adventures, both spiritual and temporal.
We continue very busy in our work here. We split our time between working on references received in the mission and working in the Santa Lúcia Ward. This past week we spent a lot of time in the favela of São Pedro up on the hill. On one occasion, after a long walk through the narrow alleyways, we were unable to get to a house as a very unfriendly dog blocked the way. With the number of wild dogs roaming the street, we found it best to leave quickly.
This week, the mission started to implement the referral plan that we have been working on with the mission president. All of the zones received training this week. We gave a synopsis in our zone meeting (Zone Belo Horizonte).
This week, Diane also had the chance to give another talk in sacrament meeting. It went very well.
Last night, we had the opportunity to attend a performance of the Philharmonic Orchestra in its new hall. We enjoyed performances of Mozart and Wagner. The venue was designed to have exceptional acoustics.
Cultural Item: There is currently a lot of political unrest here in Brasil. Though elections were held at the end of last year, a number of scandals have come to light and broken promises have already accumulated. Sunday evening, while the recently re-elected president of the country was speaking on television, people in our neighborhood took to the streets beating pans and honking car horns. At first we thought the noise was a result of the soccer game between the biggest rivals here in Belo Horizonte, until we heard the chants against the president. Sunday, there will be countrywide demonstrations, so all of the missionaries have been instructed to stay home on Sunday after church.
That’s all from us for now.


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