Sunday, June 7, 2015

Greetings from Brasil 6/7/2015

Dear Family,
Sorry for the delay in getting a letter off last week. Here are a few highlights of our past week.
We spent most of the week dealing with referrals on the church system. With a little poking around, we found an additional 200 referrals in need of attention. Thursday was a national holiday, so we moved our preparation day to maximize our access to the on-line resources at the church.
Thursday was the national and Catholic holiday Corpus Christi. We took the bus to the nearby historic town of SabarĂ¡ to attend the event. The stone streets throughout the older colonial part of the city were covered by “carpets” made of dyed sawdust with various religious designs. After a ceremony on the steps of city hall, a religious procession began. Only after the priest had walked on the carpets, were others allowed to do so. Hundreds of people were in attendance, participating in the procession, often singing in unison. Fireworks were also set off. Bringing up the rear of the procession was the town band. It made for quite a morning.
Friday, we had Zone Conference together with two other zones here in Belo Horizonte. This was the last conference for President and Sister Fortunato before their missions end at the end of the month.
Sunday, a new stake was formed in the mission. The Betim Stake was formed from parts of the Contagem Stake as well as from branches in some outlying areas. It is a sign that the Kingdom continues to grow! Due to a lack of facilities in the new stake, their conference was held in our building in Belo Horizonte and our meetings were postponed until the afternoon.
That’s all for now.


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