Friday, April 18, 2014

Another week in Brazil!

Hi All

Dad and I celebrated our first month on a mission this past week! Hooray!

We have been very busy as usual. We continue to scour the area to find less active members of the Pampulha (sounds like pom pull yah) Ward. The sun is unrelenting and we scurry for whatever shade we can find. Our days are long and our favorite possession is our 3 speed fan. Gotta love the fan. And bandaids.

Dad and I went to the city center of Belo Horizonte last week on our P-day. Being senior missionaries does have its advantages - typical mission rules don't apply to us. We went to an interesting mini art exhibit on the top floor of the old city hall that had an exhibit on hand made lingerie ( a lost art) that was very beautiful. The workmanship of hand made lace and other handwork that decorated lingerie pieces (also all hand made) was amazing. We thought there was a different exhibit there (no, I wouldn't have dragged your Dad there on purpose!), but were interested in the art inside and the fantastic last neo Goth building in Belo Horizonte. We also stopped by the Catholic Basilica - very pretty.

We also went to another art exhibit featuring Brazilian artists (wonderful) and the mining museum. Belo Horizonte, which lies in state of Mineas Gerais (general mines) is the place where first gold, then other precious metals, later diamonds, emeralds, and other gems were found. The museum was well done and was a tribute to that industry. There wasn't much on the subject of slavery and so on... in time hopefully that will be added to the museum.

We enjoyed the parks and the birds and not being in a hurry. Last stop was the Central Mercado, which has an incredible assortment of sellers - food baskets, fresh meats, housewares, and so on. We had lunch there and bought a couple of small rugs for our apartment. A nice day...

We love you all - keep in touch with each other and us!

Mom and Dad

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