Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone!

There is something very different about Belo Horizonte than other places we've lived, and that is THUNDERSTORMS. Almost every day, we have a gathering of clouds in the mid-afternoon, and thunder - with or without rain - will boom from the sky! When it does rain, it RAINS, buckets, flooding the streets of red dirt and filth, and making any passer-by the victim of sprays from passing traffic. I can testify to this. Yes, I can.

The streets are lined with jagged rocks, which makes it hard on the feet but definitely has lasting ability as far as street construction goes. The cars rattle down the street, bouncing and squeaking, and you have to know that the local car shocks business is never short of customers. Couple that with some pretty creative and fearless driving, and you have a good idea of what the streets are like here. There have been times when we've been driving with members when I think I've been suspended in mid-air for most of the trip.

We hope you all had a lovely Easter. We spent ours at Church, had lunch (main meal here) with the Bishop's family (it was something Asian/soy sauce kind of thing over rice - very good, but I missed funeral potatoes. I know, silly of me!), and worked the rest of the day. There is always something to do, it's always busy, busy, busy. There's a lot that needs to be done. And re-done. Then plan all over again.

We've had some interesting experiences this past week, which included Dad and another priesthood leader blessing two sisters(one of which was our sweet Brazilian sister, Sister Amado who had a 104 temp, and other complications - some ward members thought she had dengue fever), discussions with non-members and less-actives alike, and holding a big FHE with investigators and less-actives at our little apartment.

For our P-day yesterday, Dad and I headed to the little Belo Horizonte Zoo and Aquarium. It's a lot different than a typical American Zoo, the difference being that they have all herbivores except for 1 tiger, 1 jaguar and 2 lions. No bears. The monkeys run wild in the trees. Many displays of bright and beautiful birds. Too many anteaters. Porcupines with prehensile tails. A SA wild dog that looked more like a werewolf than a dog. Interesting and fun.

But today is another full day that will last until late tonight, so goodbye my Sweeties, take care of yourselves and each other. A special kiss to Georgie and Cal-

Love you all-
Mom and Dad

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