Friday, May 9, 2014

Greetings from Brazil 5/9/2014

Dear Family,
We continue busy and happy here in Pampulha. We have spend most of our time visiting with less-active church members this week. We have been taught to help those we teach to make commitments, promising them blessings for fulfilling their commitments, and bearing our testimonies of the truthfulness of the principles taught. This evening we met with a returned missionary who served in the same mission that I did, only during a more modern era. Though is just returning to activity in the church, he made a commitment to identify a friend who was search for truth who would receive our message. I could see that the memories of his mission flooded his mind, remembering the blessing associated with living the gospel.
We had a zone conference yesterday in Riberao das Neves, a small town 1 hr bus ride away. The mission president almost did not make it due to demonstrations against the World Cup that blocked the highway from Belo Horizonte. His GPS help him find an alternate route via challenging dirt roads.
On Wednesday, we visited Belo Horizonte. We visited the municipal park and two museums. One of the museums had an exhibit of engravings from various European artists that came to Brazil in 1808 when the Portuguese Court fled here to escape Napoleon. I have never seen such a collections in any museum elsewhere in the world.
That's about all for now.

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