Thursday, May 1, 2014

Greetings from Belo Horizonte

Dear All,
We are happy to send you our greetings as we come to the end of another week in Brazil. As our preparation day is usually Wednesday, that means that our work week starts on Thursday.
This past week, we have been busy visiting members in various neighborhoods. Since we are invited to have lunch with ward members, we tend to focus our work in the same area. The members have been very generous offering meals and making visits with us. With their help, more doors are open and people are more receptive. We have been making many friends here in the ward and have begun to see members return to activity.

This past Sunday, we were blessed to participate in the baptism of 4 people from one of the poor favela areas The area is on the side of a hill built brick upon brick overlooking a city airport . They asked me to perform the baptisms. It certainly brought back memories to give the baptismal prayers in Portuguese after all these years.

This past week, we had a large family home evening in our home (12 people). It made for a crowded but fun evening. One of the highlights was Diane's fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. We also saved some for the neighborhood baker who really enjoyed them.

We received a invitation to spend a day on a train excursion with the stake president, stake patriarch, and their wives who are members of our ward. We took the train from downtown Belo Horizonte to a town about 80 miles away (2 1/2 hours). We enjoyed seeing the green rural areas with many hills. We also passed several mines (the state of Minas Gerais is translated as General Mines). During colonial times, this state was famous for gold, diamonds, and other gems. On our trip, we passed many trains filled with iron ore. We wandered through several towns before returning to Belo Horizonte.

Today is a national holiday in Brazil. We are looking forward to the ward party this evening.

That's all for now.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for us and the work here in Pampulha.

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  1. Diane! Cliff! I don't know if you will see this, but just wanted to tell you that I am now following your blog and love to hear of your adventures! Kathryn is my new visiting teacher which is great and I can keep in even closer touch with your comings and goings. Your little apartment looks very nice and the church building is impressive! Diane, I am proud of you for bearing your testimony so successfully in Portuguese and know the Lord will continue to bless you in your faithfulness and as you seek Him! I think of you regularly and ask continually for the Lord to bless your efforts and keep you safe!