Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Greetings from Brazil (18 June 2014)

Dear Family,
We hope that all is well with you back in the States.
We continue to be busy every day, visiting new converts and less active members. We were very happy to have nine visitors in our ward Sunday. Our process includes visiting addresses on the ward list to meet church members. Unfortunately, many people have moved, which makes our job more difficult. After a long day walking in the sun, we are always grateful when we meet someone who welcomes our visit.
The World Cup is now in full swing. The streets are especially quiet during games with Team Brazil. We have been invited to homes of members to watch the games with their friends and family members and then give a gospel message during the half-time interval. For the two games held so far here in Belo Horizonte, there has been a atmosphere of excitement without public disturbances. Sunday, our ward was visited by Columbians who were here for a game. Yesterday, we saw several Algerians at the bus station heading to the game.
For our P-day, the Stake President, the Stake Patriarch, and their wives invited us on a car trip outside Belo Horizonte. We here happy to see the greenery in a rural part of Minas Gerais. For those you like to use Wikepedia, we visited towns of Casa Branca and Brumadinho, and the state park of Serra do Rola Mo├ža. We got back in time for Diane to have a Skype meeting with her language coach.
That's all for now.

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