Thursday, July 31, 2014

Greetings from Brasil 7/31/2014

Dear Family,
We hope that you are all well. We have had another busy week in Belo Horizonte.
Sunday, we had the opportunity to give talks in Sacrament Meeting regarding missionary work. Diane’s talk (her first in Portuguese) was an excellent discussion of the need to follow the admonition of Christ to feed his sheep. The members were excited, supportive, and grateful for her talk. I also spoke on missionary work (no surprise), focusing on the history of missionary work in our family and how members can contribute to the success of the work. Mom, the members were very interested to hear that you are still actively sharing the gospel with your neighbors and with those in your ward who are in need of fellowship.
Monday’s are always busy days as we prepare for family home evening. This past week was particularly good as we focused on the testimony of the prophet, the first presidency, and the quorum of the twelve apostles on the living Christ. The reviewed the great blessing of the resurrection and opportunities for repentance that are a gift from Christ for each of us. Monday, we also made a visit to a member who is in the hospital in downtownBelo Horizonte.
For our preparation day, we took a bus trip to the city of SabarĂ¡. The city is a 30 minutes from Belo Horizonte. We enjoyed the opportunity to get away from Belo Horizonte for the day relax in this historic city. It is currently celebrating its 300th anniversary. The area was once a region for gold mining. The historic center of SabarĂ¡ is noted for its colonial architecture and cobblestoned streets. We visited several old buildings and churches. The churches were decorated in the baroque style. You can read more about the city on the internet.
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