Saturday, July 19, 2014

Greetings from Brazil 7/19/2014

Dear Family,
We are happy to report another busy and successful week here in Pampulha. It is
hard to believe that we have already been here four months. We have been busy finding
individuals interested in hearing the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are
grateful when the Spirit testifies of the truthfulness of our message to those who are
humbly seeking to align their lives with the teachings of the Savior. Many demonstrate
a sense of urgency as faith in Jesus Christ leads to repentance and a desire to obey the
commandments. It is our opportunity to promise the blessings of the gospel and testify
that they come through obedience.
Every week, we try to have a family home evening in our apartment for investigators,
recent converts, and less active members interested in returning to the church. This past
week, we taught a recently baptized young man and his daughter about the priesthood
and how the priesthood will bless their lives. He is from the most humble area of our
ward. He will have the opportunity to influence many for good.
Today, we participated in a conference with other couples in our mission. We were
told that we are the only mission in Brazil with three couples. The other couples are from
São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. While we all have different accents, we are all blessed
in the work. Couple missionaries have the opportunity to provide their experience and
talents to their assigned wards and branches without the many rules followed by the
younger missionaries. It gives a chance to discover and refine our own tools for our
Because of the conference, we moved our preparation day to Thursday. Last week,
we spent the day at the zoo. There was an extensive collection of Brazilian birds as well
animals native to Brazil that is not found in zoos in the U.S. As for this week, we visited
the history museum and art museum in Belo Horizonte.
Best wishes to all. Let us know if you have any specific questions about this region,
its culture, or our work here.

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