Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Greetings from Brasil 8/27/2014

Dear Family,
Greetings from happy, but tired, Elder and Sister Wright. We are kept very busy now that our area has been expanded to include other wards. We visited the Lagoa Ward for the first time on Sunday and will meet with the bishopric of the Venda Nova Ward on Saturday. The hot weather has returned so mid-day sun becomes a challenge. So far, we are keeping up with the 18 and 19 year old missionaries but we do look forward to preparation day to relieve the fatigue.
We are experiencing many miraculous missionary experiences. Trying to follow the spirit of inspiration in our work, we have been blessed to find those who are interested in hearing our message. A prayer for missionary experiences is always answered, often in unexpected ways. We are trying to teach this principle to the local members as well.
Today for preparation day, we headed to the mission office for supplies, followed by a museum visit and a stop at the Mercado Central. The new bus system here has simplified our travel to the center of Belo Horizonte.
Cultural item: We are seeing many men wearing baseball caps. Almost all have the New York Yankees logo. When I ask why they picked that logo, they tell me because it represents the best team. However, none of the caps are the correct color; that is more of a fashion choice. I also spoke with man wearing a University of Indiana hat that was happy to learn the meaning of the logo.
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