Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Greetings from Brasil 12/16/2014

Dear Family,
We are rapidly approaching Christmas. We wish all the best for you during this season. We are grateful for the opportunity to teach about the purpose of Christ’s birth and the promise of eternal life offered to us through His atoning sacrifice for us.
Recently, we have had he opportunity to teach several recent converts in our three wards. Each has passed through major changes in their lives to prepare for baptism and to follow Christ’s example, entering the path that leads to eternal happiness. We are able to spend time with them to answer their questions and explain doctrine in more detail. In Portuguese, the words doubts and questions are often used interchangeably. It helps to explain that one searches for answers to questions, through the scriptures, prayer, and by the Holy Ghost. Searching for answers requires faith, desire, and real intent to make life changes based on the personal revelation received. In contrast, people do not want to resolve their doubts, due to the effort and humility required as well as the willingness to make sacrifices to change.
It is interesting to see how Christmas has evolved here these past years. There are a few more Christmas trees and decorations. Santa Claus (Papai Noel) is more popular. The church members now know Christmas carols other than just “Silent Night”. We have even seen a few (very few) houses with lights. With these differences, the Brazilians are looking forward to a day to remember Christ and to spend time with their families. We have shared a church video on the internet as a Christmas present to all. We hope that you have had a chance to see the video “He is the Present”, a three minute video at christmas.mormon.org. I know that you will enjoy it and feel the spirit of the Season remembering that Christ is the present offered to all of us by our loving Father in Heaven.
Best wishes and love to all,


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