Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Greetings from Brasil 12/10/2014

Dear Family,
We reach the end of another week. We have now passed the midpoint of our mission. We are curious and anxious for the opportunities still to come for us in teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ here in Belo Horizonte. We feel the guiding hand of the Lord in our huge area. We are especially grateful for opportunities to teach those that have an interest in our message and who are prepared to make covenants to study, pray, and attend church. It is a message that changes lives and life priorities.
We have started teaching two recently baptized young men from Venda Nova Ward. We have the chance to review gospel principles and respond to their questions. It is exciting to see their immersion in the gospel and to hear their gratitude for now having the gospel in their lives.
For our preparation day today, we stayed close to home, walking along the lake and visiting an exhibit at the Pampulha Art Museum.
That’s all for now. We keep you all, especially Mom, in our prayers.


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