Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Greetings from Brasil 7/22/2015

Dear Family,
Sorry for the delay in sending this email update. We continue in our work here in Belo Horizonte. We are grateful for the opporutnitie to share the gospel in person as well as vicariously by distributing the hundreds of referrals recevied in the mission to the missionaries. Our home evenings continue to be opportunties for integration of members in the Santa LĂșcia and Bandeirantes Wards. There is a real hunger and thirst for social and spiritual interactions between new members, those returning to church, as well as those who are just now hearing about the gospel from the missionaries. So many just want an invitation to return. We had the recent bad news that the mixer that we bought here died, spewing smoke and sparks as it was used to prepare its last batch of cookies.
Last Sunday, we had the chance to visit the Venda Nova Ward, where we spent a great deal of our time while serving in the Pampulha Stake. It was a great opportunity to catch up with friends and see the progress of many members. We will have time to visit other wards around Pampulha before we return home.
FYI, as of today, we are the last missionary couple in this mission.
That´s all for now.

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