Monday, July 6, 2015

Greetings from Brasil 7/6/2015

Dear Family,
We send our love and greetings once again from Belo Horizonte. We hope that you are all well and happy.
This week was a transition week in the mission. President and Sister Fortunato were released after three years of service here in Minas Gerais. They now go back to their normal lives. They had a great influence, leading the mission and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. We enjoyed serving with them. Monday evening, they had a farewell dinner with the other couple missionaries. Another couple also finished their mission this week and are heading home to the state of Rio de Janeiro.
Wednesday, our new president and family arrived from São Paulo to lead the mission. They brought their three children (ages 11-16). All of the missionaries gathered for a conference on Friday for the opportunity to meet and greet the Fernandes family. They will bring their own style and inspiration to the leadership of the mission.
The conference started on a sad note as we received word that a missionary had been in an accident on the way to Belo Horizonte. Four missionaries were in a bus coming from an outlying city. The bus hit a pedestrian. The Elders got out of the bus to give the injured man a blessing. A truck hit the stopped bus which in turn hit one of the missionaries. The mission president brought the injured Elder into a hospital here in the city. There were concerns that he had sustained a head injury. Fortunately, by the end of the conference, we heard word that he was recovering quickly and would soon return to his area. It was a miracle and a blessing!
For our preparation day this past week, we went back to the city of Ouro Preto. We had another wonderful day in this colonial city and got to visit more baroque churches that we missed on our previous visits. It is apt that the city has been designated a World Heritage Site.
That’s all for now,

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