Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Greetings from Brasil 8/13/2014

Dear Family,
Greetings once again from Belo Horizonte. We hope that you are all well. People here have complained about the cold winter weather, but has been warmer than our time in Thousand Oaks, California. Now, spring is arriving with its heat,
As I wrote previously, we are now responsible for three wards in the Pampulha Stake. In addition to the Pampulha Ward, we will be working with the Lagoa and Venda Nova Wards as well. We are still working on the logistics to be effective with this new responsibility as we currently rely on our feet and the local bus lines to get us around. There are areas that are easily reached from the central bus station in Pampulha, but many are not. The bus station is a recent infrastructure addition for the World Cup. However, we are grateful for days that do not include long waits for bus connections. Last Sunday, we took the bus to Lagoa for a 7 AM priesthood executive committee meeting and returned in time for a 9 AM Sacrament Meeting in Pampulha.
Today we were asked to participate in mission leadership meeting downtown in Belo Horizonte. The missionaries been asked to help those that we teach to participate in family history and genealogy work. As the experiences of the missionaries on family history work are limited, we will be working with our three wards to use this additional resource for those that we teach. As it is our preparation day, we also visited some sites in the city.
Best wishes to all.


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