Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Greetings from Brazil 1/21/2015

Dear Family,
We hope that you are all well. We hope to hear from all of you.
We have had another busy week here in Belo Horizonte. Our new assignment dealing with referrals to the mission is keeping us very busy. We have gone back six months to conduct follow-up. The missionaries are happy to help make visits and deliver requests for DVDs or other literature. This past week, they were very successful. As a consequence, the mission president was very pleased. We have found that people have been waiting for months to receive the items that they requested. We even got a call from one missionary who reported that the person that they visited got their pass-along card from us! They have also been occasions when people have found the cards in the street and made requests.
We are getting used to our split assignment between regular proselyting time and working with the mission office. We have access to the stake president's office in our chapel so we have internet and telephone serve for the more remote areas of the mission. We are also getting used living in the city proper. Another adventure!
Today, we took a short bus ride to the neighboring city of Nova Lima. It is a city with active mining activity and a beautiful church from 1752.
Our best to all.

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