Friday, May 1, 2015

Greetings from Brasil 5/1/2015

Dear Family,

Sorry, we only have time for a short letter this week.

During General Conference, both our Mission President and the President of the Belo Horizonte Stake, who resides in the Santa Lucia Ward, were called to be Area 70s. We were already scheduled to receive a new mission president July 1. As a consequence, our mission president will have double duty until the end of his mission. We were informed that there are 17 Area 70s in Brazil, each with responsibility for two missions. You may be interested to know that during their training during conference, they were instructed that Sabbath Day observance is a major concern.

This past week, we were given the opportunity to visit São Paulo to attend the temple. We are truly blessed to have a temple less than 30 minutes from Sammamish. President Kimball announced the construction of the São Paulo Temple, the first in South America, while I was serving here 40 years ago. Construction had barely begun when I returned home. It was a blessing to do work for our ancestors. The officiators enjoyed Diane ́s Dutch family names. We were also happily surprised to meet a returned missionary who had served as our District Leader who is now serving as an officiator in the temple.

The message of our mission president is that the purpose of missionary work is to grow stakes of Zion so that a temple can be constructed here to bless the Saints to receive the sacred temple ordinances and to bless their ancestors waiting on the other side of the veil.



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